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17 Podcasts on Climate Change



Other than reading articles, journals, and e-books on climate change and scrolling through climate-related photos and videos updates on Instagram and Youtube, we could also listen through podcast.

There are many smart and committed individuals, club, and organizations that are willing to share conversations or stories that are based on science and scientists. We can listen to these podcasts through many popular apps and web services such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, and many others.

Here are some of the best, available, and always updated podcasts on climate change. It is very entertaining and informative also can give you insight and knowledge about the climate crisis that we are facing now.

1. America Adapts – The Climate Change Podcast
America Adapts - The Climate Change Podcast Logo

Produced by Doug Parsons | Since July 2016 | 101 episodes until Nov 26, 2019
4.8 ratings, 83 reviews (Apple Podcasts)

“A changing climate presents humanity with only one option: adapt. Join your host, Doug Parsons for America’s leading podcast on climate change – America Adapts! Each episode, Doug sits down with thinkers, scientists, activists, policymakers, and journalists to discuss the tough questions facing this country and the world as we confront humanity’s greatest challenge. Question your assumptions, refresh your perspective, and become part of the climate movement that will determine our planet’s future, right here on the America Adapts podcast.”

Available on: Web | Spotify | Apple Podcasts | | Stitcher

2. Carbon Removal Newsroom
Carbon Removal Newsroom Logo

Produced by Nori | Since February 2019 | 42 episodes until Nov 20, 2019
4.8 ratings, 5 reviews (Apple Podcasts)

“A short-form podcast by Nori where we discuss current events around the world of carbon removal from the atmosphere with a rotating cast of guests.”

Available on: Web | Spotify | Apple Podcasts | | TuneIn

3. Citizens’ Climate Radio
Citizens' Climate Radio

Produced by Peterson Toscano | Since June 2016 | 42 episodes until Nov 23, 2019
4.7 ratings, 30 reviews (Apple Podcasts) | 62 followers (SoundCloud)

“A monthly podcast for climate advocates hosted by Peterson Toscano. Become a better climate communicator. The show features Interviews, climate change artists, & a puzzler question. A project of Citizens’ Climate Education.”

Available on: Spotify | Apple Podcasts | SoundCloud | TuneIn | Stitcher

4. Climate Cast
Climate Cast Logo

Produced by Minnesota Public Radio | Since April 2019 | 29 episodes until Nov 22, 2019
4.6 ratings, 43 reviews (Apple Podcasts)

“Minnesota Public Radio News Chief Meteorologist Paul Huttner discusses the latest research on our changing climate.”

Available on: Web | Spotify | Apple Podcasts

5. Climate Connections
Climate Connections Logo

Produced by Yale Center for Environmental Communication | Since August 2014 | 100 episodes until Dec 3, 2019
4.3 ratings, 53 reviews (Apple Podcasts)

“How is global warming shaping our lives? And what can we do about it? We connect the dots, from fossil fuels to extreme weather, clean energy to public health, and more. Join Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz of Yale University for a daily 90-second podcast about climate change, where we confront reality and share inspiring stories of hope.”

Available on: Spotify | Apple Podcasts | | Stitcher | Podcast Republic

6. Climate Conversations: A Climate Change Podcast

Produced by ClimateX | Since June 2017 | 52 episodes until Jan 10, 2019
4.4 ratings, 19 reviews (Apple Podcasts) | 230 followers (SoundCloud)

“Climate Conversations is the weekly climate change podcast from MIT Climate, an online community connecting questions to answers, research to solutions, and knowledge to action.”

Available on: Web | Apple Podcasts | SoundCloud | |

7. Climate Scientists
Climate Scientists Logo

Produced by Dan Jones | Since February 2018 | 35 episodes until Nov 12, 2019
5.0 ratings, 10 reviews (Apple Podcasts)

“Informal conversations with climate-relevant researchers.”

Available on: Spotify | Apple Podcasts | | | PodBean

8. Climate One
Climate One Logo

Produced by Climate One at The Commonwealth Club | Since March 2007 | 300 episodes until Nov 29, 2019
4.7 ratings, 150 reviews (Apple Podcasts)

“Greg Dalton is changing the conversation on energy, economy and the environment by offering candid discussion from climate scientists, policymakers, activists, and concerned citizens. By gathering inspiring, credible, and compelling information, he provides an essential resource to change-makers looking to make a difference.”

Available on: Web | Spotify | Apple Podcasts | | TuneIn

9. Drilled
Drilled Logo

Produced by Critical Frequency | Since October 2018 | 48 episodes until Nov 20, 2019
4.7 ratings, 1,200 reviews (Apple Podcasts)

“Secret documents, psychological warfare, whistleblowers, media manipulation, this is a story that has it all. Join us as we uncover the mechanics of the longest-running and most elaborate propaganda campaign of the century—the creation and spread of climate change denial—and why it’s been so effective.”

Available on: Web | Spotify | Apple Podcasts | | Podtail

10. Mothers of Invention
Mothers of Invention Logo

Produced by Doc Society | Since July 2018 | 22 episodes until Aug 21, 2019
4.9 ratings, 169 reviews (Apple Podcasts) | 437 followers (SoundCloud)

“Climate change is a man-made problem with a feminist solution! Join former Irish President Mary Robinson and comedian Maeve Higgins in this uplifting and fascinating new podcast, and meet a host of game-changing women fighting to save all our lives.” 

Available on: Web | Spotify | Apple Podcasts | | Stitcher

11. No Place Like Home
No Place Like Home Logo

Produced by Anna Jane Joyner & Mary Anne Hitt | Since September 2016 | 35 episodes until Nov 21, 2019
5.0 ratings, 88 reviews (Apple Podcasts) | 188 followers (SoundCloud)

“A podcast that gets to the heart of climate change through personal stories. Hosted by Mary Anne Hitt & Anna Jane Joyner & Produced by Zach Mack.”

Available on: Web | Spotify | Apple Podcasts | SoundCloud | Stitcher

12. No Planet B
No Planet B Logo

Produced by Wyatt Jordan & Breanna Waterman | Since March 2019 | 19 episodes until Nov 22, 2019
5.0 ratings, 33 reviews (Apple Podcasts)

“A chaotic look at the catastrophe of climate change. Education about the basics, provided by two unprofessionals just trying to learn.”

Available on: Spotify | Apple Podcasts | | Podtail

13. Reversing Climate Change
Reversing Climate Change Logo

Produced by Nori | Since December 2017 | 100 episodes until Dec 3, 2019
4.3 ratings, 53 reviews (Apple Podcasts)

“A podcast about the different people, technologies, and organizations that are coming together to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reverse climate change. We also talk about blockchains.”

Available on: Web | Spotify | Apple Podcasts | | TuneIn

14. The Ecosia Podcast
The Ecosia Podcast Logo

Produced by Ecosia | Since July 2018 | 8 episodes until Oct 29, 2019
5.0 ratings, 24 reviews (Apple Podcasts)

“Stories from Earth: with updates on Ecosia and our reforestation projects, conversations with remarkable environmentalists and climate change experts, fascinating facts about science and nature, and personal stories. Brought to you with love from Ecosia’s HQ in Berlin and our reforestation projects around the world.”

Available on: Web | Spotify | Apple Podcasts | | TuneIn

15. The Elephant
The Elephant Logo

Produced by Kevin Caners | Since July 2015 | 41 episodes until Aug 28, 2019
4.8 ratings, 22 reviews (Apple Podcasts) | 263 followers (SoundCloud)

“Welcome to The Elephant! An interview and storytelling podcast investigating up-and-coming solutions to one of the greatest challenges of our time: climate change. Supported by Climate-KIC”

Available on: Web | Spotify | Apple Podcasts | SoundCloud |

16. TILclimate
TILclimate Logo

Produced by MIT Environment Solutions Initiative | Since March 2019 | 10 episodes until Oct 3, 2019
5.0 ratings, 48 reviews (Apple Podcasts)

“Climate change is confusing. This MIT podcast breaks down the science, technologies, and policies behind climate change, how it’s impacting us, and what our society can do about it. Each quick episode gives you the what, why, and how on climate change — from real scientists — to help us all make informed decisions for our future.”

Available on: Web | Spotify | Apple Podcasts | | TuneIn

17. Warm Regards
Warm Regards Logo

Produced by Eric Holthaus | Since June 2016 | 54 episodes until Dec 3, 2019
4.6 ratings, 94 reviews (Apple Podcasts) | 1,072 followers (SoundCloud)

“Warm Regards is a podcast about the warming planet. The show is hosted by Dr. Jacquelyn Gill, a paleoecologist at the University of Maine, and co-host including Dr. Ramesh Laungani, a biologist at Doane University with co-hosts and Dr. Sarah Myhre, a climate scientist, scholar, and communicator. Produced by Justin Schell, and Eric Mack, with transcription and social media support from Joe Stormer and Katherine Peinhardt.”

Available on: Apple Podcasts | SoundCloud | | Stitcher | RadioPublic

Goodwell, T. 2019. “The Best Climate Change Podcasts.” The Climate Advisor. November 15.

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11 thoughts on “17 Podcasts on Climate Change

  1. Thank you for following me, and for putting this together. You would have spent a lot of time to not only give each podcast an introduction, but links to all the different listening platforms. This is tremendous. Love how we all do our part to help our planet.🌎

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    ROMÂNIA-Ungaria 28-27 !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
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    Alioșa ! 🙂

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